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Via Giulio Pastore, 7, 10024 Moncalieri TO, Italy

We are specialised in the sector of fair stand installation, stand and showroom construction and creation of stage sets for conferences and meetings, by relying upon our talented team of experienced technicians.

  • trade fairs and exhibitions - stand fittings
  • stands for fairs and shows - design and setup
  • preparation
  • trade fair services and organisation
  • equipment for trade fairs and stands
  • event organisation
  • sets built
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Via Campi della Rienza, Bruneck, Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol, Italy

INTERCABLE SRL was incorporated in 1972 and has grown since into one of the leading manufactures and wholesalers of major plastics with an extensive range of products and services, including the development and production of plastic parts and components, new solutions ...

  • electrical components and parts
  • hand tools, non-power
  • thermoplastic moulding
  • plastic products for the electronics industry
  • technical articles in plastic
  • insulated electric cables
  • electrotechnical materials and components
  • electrical material
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Via Regiosi 12 16015 Casella (GE) - Italy

SEAGUARD ITALANODI SRL was incorporated in Italy in 1972, the sister organization of Seaguard LTD. (London, 1956), with its main purpose to guarantee the arrangement of the most important mechanical quality on the Mediterranean business sector. In it's history of ...

  • steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • stamping - steels and metals
  • steels and metals - welding and brazing
  • lacquering - steels and metals
  • forming - steels and metals
  • bronzing - steel and metals
  • milling - steels and metals
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Via Nazionale, 60, 10010 Mercenasco TO, Italy

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and production of full electronic apparatus. Experience in all electronic sectors, design, low-cost manufacturing, production tracking and quality certification are Tecno System's main strengths.

  • automation - systems and equipment
  • production of electronic cards
  • pcba
  • electronic diagrams
  • electronic equipment
  • assembly of electronic cards
  • printed circuits
  • industrial electronics
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Via Maira, 04100 Latina LT, Italy

Since 1991 VISEL ITALIANA has been designing and manufacturing electronic queuing systems for all types of requirements. Our products are used in places which sell food, the retail industry, supermarkets, banks, government departments, insurance brokers, franchises, analysis laboratories, hospitals, etc. Our ...

  • clocks and time control, industrial
  • kiosk tactile screen
  • distributor of anti-queuing systems
  • anti-queuing ticket rolls
  • electronic displays
  • digital signage
  • electronic queuing systems
  • queue management system
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Via Campo di Sotto, 15, 20020 Dairago MI, Italy

ALTON products are intended for melamine, urea and phenol-formaldehyde resins, fully compliant with all process requirements for the impregnation of paper, latent catalysts, wetting agents, release agents and anti-clogging agents, dust-free, non-irritant, surface modifiers. SORIN and SOREX additives offer release agents ...

  • chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives
  • additives for melamine
  • yeasts
  • laminate additives
  • release agents for melamine
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Via della Cascina Pontevica 21

Ultrasound, electromagnetic, penetrating liquid and radiography controls for companies and worksites. Civil engineering testing and diagnosis: non destructive tests on concrete civil buildings.

  • testing of products and materials
  • radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests
  • non-destructive inspections
  • material control and analysis laboratories
  • electromagnetic meters
  • x-rays
  • testing and inspection of supporting pipes
  • tests on building materials
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Via dei Chiosi, 18, 20873 Cavenago di Brianza MB, Italy

Pavone Sistemi s.r.l. works in the sector of weighing instruments, weighing, scales, measuring equipment, load equipment, dynamometres, weight indicators, parts counters and pallet truck scales

  • dosing - machines and equipment
  • scales
  • platforms
  • weighing and dosing equipment
  • weighing platforms
  • dosing machines
  • dynamic weighing
  • mobile weighing
  • weighing systems
  • music
  • displacement transducers
  • weighing facilities
  • weight indicators
  • load cells
  • weighing machines
  • scales for weighing machines
  • weighing transpallets
  • parts-counters
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Via Montepulciano, 17, 20124 Milano, Italy

Electrical and electro-mechanical components, power supplies, switches, connectors, pushbuttons, sockets, power cables, power switches, terminals, SmartCard connectors, industrial keyboards, industrial trackballs.

  • switches
  • passive electronic components and printed circuits
  • electronic materials and components
  • industrial electronics products and equipment
  • passive electronic components
  • power switches
  • controllers
  • microswitch
  • industrial trackballs
  • visual and audible alarms
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Strada Dota 19

Founded in 1977, Dogliotti is a company with 30 years experience in the bottling sector. Our activity is based on designing, building and installing belt conveyors and transport facilities for handling food containers (glass and plastic bottles, flasks, cans, etc.) and ...

  • beverage industry - machinery and equipment
  • oenology - machinery and equipment
  • wine machines
  • systems and equipment for the wine industry
  • wine industry
  • stainless steel accessories for the wine industry
  • wine presses
  • products for wine-making
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